Endorsement from Johnny Holiday:


“Some years ago a lady familiar with my show and orchestra told me about Ricky Medlin Jr and his singing voice.  I checked him out, spoke to him by phone, and the next thing you know he is standing in front of our orchestra on one of my shows giving the audience a true listening thrill. I was knocked flat on my back when I heard the vocal power, sincerity, and truly marvelous sound this young fellow shared with the audience.  Ricky’s respect for the great singers and songs of the golden age of popular music is truly refreshing and when I hear him sing I am quickly reminded of my early years as a band vocalist when I had a pretty hefty set of pipes in those green years.  How I envy the power and control Ricky applies to his voice.

Young Ricky has the poise, the presence, and the dynamic to provide an audience with top-flight entertainment.  Since that first show where he was my guest, I have had him on several more times, and each time I hear the progress in his delivery which frankly is just fine!  Very few of his generation know this music as well as he does and delivers a lyric with the honesty and emotion envisioned by the composer.  He sticks to the melody with respect and gives the audience a reason to listen, dance, and smile.  I expect big things from this uniquely talented lad who is truly a joy to work with.  And he has the manners of the balcony which means, easy to work with, always polite, and just a really great kid!”

Johnny Holiday (Bing Crosby’s Nephew)

Letter of Appreciation from USAF:


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your unparalleled support during the 2016 Edwards Air Force Ball.  The event was a complete success and the feedback from leadership and attendees was overwhelmingly positive.

To successfully provide entertainment to an event of this size and scope takes months of preparation and the hard work of many individuals. I attribute the success of this event to your strong performance and the dedicated team supporting your presentations.

Your selfless willingness to give back to the Edwards Military Community, and the professionalism you demonstrated were instrumental to achieve such impressive results.  Once again, thank you for a job well done!”

Carl E. Schaefer
Brigadier General, USAF, Commander

Letter of Appreciation Dr. David Smith:


I would like to extend a sincere thank you to “Rat Pack Ricky” for his exceptional support to the military and truly wonderful talent. His generosity towards the mission of the Flight Test Historical Foundation; preserving the unique heritage of Edwards Air Force Base was simply stunning. He entertained a packed house at the last Excellence in Aviation event at the Proud Bird restaurant, which recognized the contributions of the 163d Attack Wing in their work to assist in the horrific Rim Fire which devastated the Yosemite area.

His support to our installation and the military, in general, is warmly appreciated. Please convey my thanks to Ricky. Additionally, I know this kind of support does not come in a vacuum, so my thanks to the entire “Rat Pack” team as well for empowering this exemplary community support.


Dr. David G. Smith

Email from the legendary songwriter Dean Kay who wrote the hit song “That’s Life” for another legend – Mr. Frank Sinatra:


“I’m the writer of “That’s Life….and I live around the corner from the Smoke House. My daughter showed me your performance of my song at the Smoke House on Instagram. Very nice. Next time you are at the Smoke House I might walk around the corner and say, Hi.”  –  Dean Kay 

Recommendation from Jessie Chappell of Hope For Heroes:

“Not only does this genuine gentleman have a voice that will take you to another world, but he is outrageously down to earth, he has a heart of gold that is unmatched and is just a wonderful person inside and out. He came out to a charity event, with a sore throat and super sick, sang the National Anthem more beautifully than most mainstream artists, and then donated money on top of that because he loves our organization and felt bad that he was unable to give us his all. Rat Pack Ricky is truly just phenomenal as an artist and a person.” June 17th, 2018 Chappell from

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